Monday, February 21, 2011

Episode #9 -- Cricut Cartridge Haul

Hey guys!!  I can't believe I was able to wait to get all the carts in, but I did :)  So proud -- I generally have no patience!

Bad news about "Fishy Kisses" part 2 video -- it will not upload for some reason.  I am not sure why, I will keep working at it, but for now I can't upload. 

Wanted to also let you in on something I noticed.  On the Cricut Rewards site there is a list of Solution or Lite carts...Crocs Rule, Yeehaw, (Beep, Beep), Bump In the Night ...can't wait to see what they are!!  Wouldn't mind if they were on the rewards site, I have almost 5000 points and nothing to buy :)

But.....for now.....check out the carts!!!!!

Have a GREAT day!!!!

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