Sunday, June 30, 2013

Free Files for Silhouette Cameo

Hey all you crafty cats out there! Today I would like to share with you a few places I go to get FREE files to cut on my Silhouette Cameo. If you have a machine that has the ability to cut SVG files, you could get these files also!!

1. SVGCuts has some super cute free images you can download. Another great thing about this sight is when they release a new kit, you can usually get it free with a purchase of $10.

2. Miss Kate's Cuttables has a daily image that is free also. You have to download this image every day because once the day is over, it moves to the $0.50 section. She has some really super cute images in her store. Another thing I really like about her store is you can get something called a credit voucher. There are different options you can get, but they save you money. For example, you can get $25 to spend for only $17.49.

3. PPBN (or Paper Piecing by Nikki) Again, this changes daily, as the name implies :), so it is important to download the image the day you get it. Here you will also find some really cute images in her regular store.

4. Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbonshas something called the "Friday Freebie". Every Friday you can get something different for free. One week I have gotten a cutting file and another week I got a free digital paper. More cute images in this store too guys!

5. Jessica Sprague - This site does not offer free cut files that I have seen, but you can get great deals on Wednesday. Every Wednesday they have "One Buck Wednesday". There is a special section under the digital shoppe that takes you to this option. In this section you will find some items for $1, $1.50 or maybe even $2 depending on the collections being offered. You never know what you are going to find, so it's kind of like Forrests' box of chocolates!! I have gotten so many digital kits at low prices to import the digital papers into my Silhouette Designers Edition Software. You can also import the PNG files you find in the element kits to cut your own embellishments from the collection. This is great for anyone, but super great for all the Project Lifers out there!

The last deals that I would like to tell you about only applies to my fellow Silhouette users. Go to the Silhouette Online Store and there are a few things you will want to check out. The first thing I like to check out, the free shape they give away every week. If I am remembering correctly, this changes every Tuesday. There is another great thing about Tuesday's in the SOS, this is when they introduce their weekly clearance shapes for the week. I know I ALWAYS find something in the clearance section! Something else I have stumbled onto is the Bundles they offer. From what I have seen, these have really no specific time or day when they are published. You get a bundle for shapes for a reduced rate. I usually get them because you can generally get 4 shapes (or groups, like arrows or chevrons for example) for only $2.79. When each shape is usually $0.99, that is a savings! You never know what you might need. I always like to be prepared for a rainy day :) Also, everyday throughout the day they are adding in new images. You need to go the the SOS and click on the New Designs heading at the top of the page. There are so many super duper cute ones!

I would also like to let you in on an observation I have made. For me, I look in the SOS ALOT!! One thing I have noticed, specifically with Miss Kate's Cuttables, as she is one of my favorite designers, is I think you get a better buy at her store.

For example. You can buy one of her images in the SOS and have it ready to go. Or you can go to her store for the same price, sometimes lower, or sometimes bundled with other shapes and get it there. When you purchase it from her you not only get the SVG (cut file), but you also get the PNG file, which you can use to do print and cut on the SDS. To me that makes more sense. Especially since she has introduced her credit vouchers. I do have the largest subscription you can have to the SOS, which is $150 to spend for only $16/month. I just like the idea of spending $0.99 and getting two files I can use instead of one. You can also make print and cut files from the files you purchase in the SOS store. You simply fill the shapes with color and layer them into the shape. I really like the PNG files that come with all this already done for the same price, or sometimes cheaper!

WOW! Are my fingers tired :) I just wanted to share with you where I am getting my files from. I have heard these files will work with the Sizzix E Clips and the eCraft by Craftwell. I have actually heard conflicting information on the eCraft, so anyone that has one and would like to comment below would be super great! According to the online Facts, it does say you can cut SVG files. Since I don't have one, I can't commit to anything more than I can read online.

This is something that really makes me love my Silhouette even more. I have between 200 to 250 Cricut cartridges, but every image/cartridge I have, I paid for. It is so nice to be able to get something for free that will provide me with a lot of enjoyment. I download every free image I can that I will conceivably use. I do back them up on a removable hard drive. It is actually time to do it again!

So, I hope this helps some of my fellow crafters out there. Again, if you are on the fence about a Silhouette, please download the software and try it out. That and all the freebies I can cut with it really made up my mind and I haven't looked back! I still have my Cricut and would never sell the machines or cartridges. The amount of money I have in that, which I don't want to think about is a lot! I'm sure I will eventually go back and forth between the machines as many people do. Right now I am just in the crush phase with my Silhouette. You know the phase where nobody can do any wrong :)

If you have any questions, please let me know. My email address is Please also feel free to contact me via the comment section below. Also, if you have any video or requests, please let me know. I really enjoy being a part of the crafting community we are in.

Happy Crafting!!!!


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