Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update & Giveaway Winner Announced

Hey guys! Thanks for being patient with me. Here is the winner being announced!!!!

Congrats to the winner :) I'm not saying who it is, you will have to watch the video to see who it is!!!

Happy Crafting :)

Silhouette Grouping & Un-grouping Video

Hey guys! I was out trolling one of my new favorite groups on Facebook and someone needed some help with a file. I offered to do a video. Here it is :)

I will be posting the winner from my You Tube giveaway shortly, the video is processing now. I'm sorry it took so long to get the winner announced, but I haven't been feeling well at all. I was diagnosed a week ago with a Peptic Ulcer caused by H. Pylori. H Pylori is a bacterial infection, It SUCKS!!! I have basically felt like having the stomach flu 24 hours a day and it doesn't go away. Plus, it's been hard eating because of the ulcer. UGH! Today was the first day I woke up and am actually feeling a little better. So, I really wanted to get the winner pulled.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy crafting :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Small Haul & Giveaway Winner Announced

Hey guys! I wanted to share a small haul I was able to do yesterday and announce the winner from my giveaway! I'm sorry I have not been on as much lately with videos and crafts, but I believe I have an ulcer. I am seeing my doctor on Monday to confirm and am hoping to be feeling much better SOON!!!

Just a note. For my giveaways, I do not like to post that it is a giveaway. I want to make sure my normal/frequent viewers have the best opportunity to win. So, keep watching, you never know when a giveaway will pop up :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! As always, happy crafting :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sasquatch Watch!! We have a Sasquatch :)

Hey guys!! I want to share my Sasquatch project that I have been working on with you. As you may have heard in some of my other videos, my mom and I have an inside joke. One night we were watching Animal Planet and heard a commercial for their Finding Bigfoot program. It just kind of stuck in our heads and makes us laugh. It was absolutely perfect when I ran across the Bigfoot Cutting File at Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons.

June Tailor
Ink Jet Printer
PNG File - Bigfoot Cutting Files
Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (SSDE)

I only used SSDE to import the PNG into and print. I trimmed around both images myself, but you could use SSDE to trace the images and cut!

I still can not help but smile at this project! I'm sure my mom will gets LOTS of smiles when she is out walking :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, happy crafting!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Project Share - DIY Memo Board

Hey guys! Today I'd like to share with you a really quick project I just completed. I wanted a memo board so I can display some items that are important to me.

These memo boards are super easy to make and most importantly, really fun!!

Cork Board (Mine is 17 X 23)
1 YD of Fabric & Batting
Staple Gun (I STRONGLY recommend using an electric staple gun if you have the option)

This project took me about 45 minutes to complete.

1. Wash, dry and iron your chosen fabric.
2. Lay fabric (right side down), batting and board on the table in that order. (Bottom to top)
3. Begin to pull tight the fabric and staple on the board. DO NOT staple on the back of the cork area. Make sure to staple in the border around the actual board.
4. Once all fabric/batting is securely stapled, begin laying out ribbon. Some people choose to use hot glue to secure the ribbon, but I did it with my staple gun to make sure it stayed.

I did not take pictures through out the process, but I found a web-site that shows similar steps to what I did.

DIY Fabric Memo Board

I hope you take the time to make one for yourself. It is a super quick, reasonably priced project that can really add to your space.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Happy crafting!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Michael's Haul!!!

Some lucky gal went to Michael's!! You guessed it, it was ME!!! Check out all my crafty finds and ALL the clearance :)

Regarding the Mod Melt reviews I had watched:

Link to Lydia, ItripledogdareU (On You Tube)
Link to Amy, LovemyElla (On You Tube)

Keep your eyes out for the sasquatch.....he is still missing!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Happy crafting :)