Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cameo Woes

Hello all my crafty cats out there! So, I decided earlier this week I was going to have a Silhouette Cameo day. I had all these wonderful visions of what I would cut. I was going to be so productive! Do you guys do that? You can see all the crafting in your mind and you might as well count it as done??

Well, as you can tell by the heading, it didn't really go that way. It was so hot here during the day it was ridiculous. I worked on getting my DVR back-log down. Then I decided about 8 o'clock that it was cool enough. So, I had a great time setting it up. Thinking again about all the cute things I was going to cut.....again, how wrong I was.

First, my Cameo for some reason would not detect my printer registration marks. The machine told me I had to manually do this, then the machine doesn't want to move the blade. I finally get it to see the printer registration marks after about my 10th time coaxing (begging) the machine to find them. So it cuts. Only problem is it doesn't cut deep enough. So, I decide to amp up the blade. Well.....I got a little too amped because it cut through my paper AND my mat in a couple locations....UGH!!

Unfortunately, where I live, we only have Jo-Ann's and A.C. Moore. Neither of them carry stuff for the Cameo. So I sauntered into my room and ordered another mat. So now I can cut really small things in the corner of my mat that I didn't cut out. I actually heard a rumor (via You Tube, of course) that you can use Cricut mats in the Silhouette?!?!?! Is this true??? Has anyone out there tried this??

So, I am not giving up. I am a stubborn, very stubborn and determined person. The score right now may be Silhouette - 1; Bridget - 0, but I will prevail! I will not let machinery beat me!!!

Once my new mat comes in, I am hopeful to get some pictures up. I really love the software and love the ability to cut basically anything. I will prevail!!!

Thank you for listening to my tirade :)

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