Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Personal Challenge - CHECK!!

Hey all you crafty cats! For those of you that follow my blog and/or You Tube you know that I issued a challenge. Mainly to myself, but am really hoping some of you out there will join in.

I have noticed on You Tube lots of haul videos from all my favorite channels, but not a lot of projects recently. We are all guilty of this. We buy these adorable, phenomenal scrapbooking supplies we just have to have and they sit. We have all these wonderful ideas in our minds, but they just don't make it out of there!

I realized, I was one of the offenders. So, I issued the challenge: Make three projects between Sunday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 2. I was successful :) I actually made FOUR, count them four projects, I'm not proud or anything.....

I have managed to get one video uploaded that shows projects two and three. I actually ended up making a part 2 on that video and then have one more that needs to be uploaded. I'm getting them up there as fast as You Tube will allow/process!

So I wanted to show you a couple still shots of my projects and you can watch the video to see how they came together and the supplies I used.

Project One - My First Smash Book Pages

Project Two & Three - Altered Canvas & "Recipe Box"

Part One:

Part Two:

Project Four - Silhouette Print & Cut Snap Cards

I will update as soon as video four is processed and I will add all of the supply information tomorrow.

If some of you are interested, please post a link to your project for this challenge on this or the July 1st post either here or on You Tube. I would love to see what you guys create!!!

Please stop by tomorrow for the final video and the supply list for all projects.

Happy Crafting!!

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