Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shopping Haul - Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's & Amazon

Hey guys!! I'm so excited I've had so many videos to share with you lately. The really impressive part to me is they have not all been hauls! This video is a haul video, but I do have more crafty videos uploaded and scheduled to be released.

For now, please enjoy my crafty finds :)

Thanks for watching!! Happy Crafting :)

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  1. Bridget love your haul! And I really would like it if you could email me at or maybe you still have it from before... because I too, have the kindle fire HD and I want to know how to get in on the offers you are getting and the clubs you belong to because everytime I watch one of your hauls, you are always talking about getting discounts or free things because of clubs and such and I want in! You also mentioned cricut circle and i'd love to know what it is. I've heard of it but have no clue what it is and I have the cricut imagine and the expression machines. What else is pretty cool is that I am in love with owls like your SIL and my 10yr old daughter is loving the color lime green and the zebra print right now. So when I saw your zebra paper and close pins I was like, "Wow so much in common"... however... I don't have those close pins here at my Hobby Lobby and wanted to know if you can pick me up some and then ship them to me and i'll paypal you or something. So please email me if you can... i'd really appreciate it!