Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DIY Enamel Dots & Michael's Haul

Hey guys! I'm actually showing you something that I created!! Granted, I just melted it :)

I was able to go to Michael's on the way home from a track meet and want to share my goodies.

I will have some videos coming up of things I did for graduation, but my son actually graduated on Sunday.

I am officially the mother of a college freshman. Can't believe it!!!

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  1. OH Bridget... you and your son's photo is sooooo awesome! Great photo my friend and congrats on having a college boy!!! Kids grow so fast... ask me how I know? LOL My son turns 21 this year and I am like freaking out haha..... your haul once again.. fantastic! I love the snap stuff too.. I don't own much of it.. but I do love the colors and designs.... so versatile to go with anything.... and OMG .. how on earth did you create your own enamel dots???? I want to know the secret woman! Love that!!!